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Thanks for visiting us at My Disability Matters


If you are looking for the My Disability Matters Club or MDM News, sadly we have now closed both of those websites. 

Without ongoing sponsorship or investor funding, it was not possible to continue to run these services for you. 

We truly appreciate you being part of our community, through both the MDM Club and the MDM News websites. 

We do however have a new venture to share with you.

Travel For All is currently under development and will be launched soon. Travel For All will be a “TripAdvisor for Accessible and Inclusive Travel”, incorporating a community and providing detailed accessible travel information. Travellers with accessibility needs will have access to trusted, verified and complete information to plan, book and experience travel with confidence. 

We hope you will join us at Travel For All. We will shortly have a travel community up and running and an accessible travel blog. Once we get going, we will also be accepting article submissions for the blog, so feel free to send those through to us. 


Visit the new website now to sign up to be advised as soon as we launch.

Contact us at Travel For All.